What Clients Say About Us

Registered Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant, Laura Opson is our first choice to attend CR 35 and independent medical examinations. Our clients are much more comfortable with Laura's presence. Laura is our ears and eyes; she is our expert witness!
—Attorney, Seattle, Washington

We count on Laura to find the details in the records. We send materials to her and she returns a fully-developed medical chronology and analysis.
—Law Firm, Snohomish County

Nurse Laura has provided medical case review for our firm for years. She is efficient and always spot-on with her analysis. We rely on her services to help point us in the right direction to provide a better outcome for our cases.
—Law Firm, Seattle, WA

Having an expert on our team who has a background in medicine is imperative to us understanding the complex treatment our clients undergo. It is one thing to have a broken bone; it is another to have it illustrated. Laura and her team go the distance helping us to better understand the case.
—Law Firm, Spokane WA

Laura provides high quality analysis on our medical cases. Laura provides insight and perspective for our cases.
—WSAJ, Eagle, Seattle, WA

Laura Opson has been a great resource to our firm, helping us identify and refine the medical issues in a case. She understands brain and other catastrophic injuries.
—Trial Attorney, Seattle, WA

Laura's work supports us throughout the entire process of our cases; from reading the medical records to assisting with expert hire, to working with us on focus groups. Her medical support makes a positive difference in our case outcomes. Thank you Laura!
—WSAJ Trial Attorney, Seattle WA

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